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I began writing piano music at age 15 after hearing Liz Story play at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Southern California. I was entranced by the rich, colorful harmonies and evocative melodies in her compositions. Her music has been a touchstone for me ever since.

I live in the Santa Cruz mountains with my husband, our two children, and our golden retriever. The quiet forests and mountains here offer a peaceful pedal tone for making music. Scottish, Irish, and Swedish folk music are near to my heart, and elements of these traditions often weave their way into my compositions.

Piano has always been my first love, but I enjoy studying Baroque and silver flute and guitar as well. Choral music has also been a lifelong passion. I first sang in chorus in middle school and went on to participate in several choirs at UCLA. Here in Santa Cruz I sing with Zambra, a 10 voice womens’ ensemble which performs folk music from all over the world.

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